--- Comment #8 from Guy Harris <> ---
(In reply to Uli Heilmeier from comment #4)
> Yes, seems to be a libpcap issue.
> Crashes also with capture filter 'address1 X' or 'address2 X' or 'address3
> X' or 'address4 X' where X can be any digit.
> Doesn't crash with 'address1 X'

That's "doesn't crash with 'address1 X', where "X" is a syntactically-valid
host name but doesn't correspond to a known host.  If "X" were a valid host
name, i.e. one that libpcap can resolve, it *will* crash; if it's not, the
parse fails because the host name isn't valid, before it even gets to the point
where the crash occurs.

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