--- Comment #2 from Gerald Combs <> ---
(In reply to Stig Bjørlykke from comment #0)
> Turning on and off the "Verify" checkbox shall give a statusbar message,
> pressing the "Turn on"/"Turn off" button shall give a warning popup on next
> received packet, and the  Log shall be populated during capture.

This works for me here in the current master (5a9d0caa11) on macOS. I did the

Copied doc/ to <build

Chmodded 755 <build

Started Wireshark

Enabled "View -> Interface Toolbars -> Example extcap interface"

Double-clicked on the "Example interface 1 for extcap: example1" interface. A
dialog popped up with a red "Message" field. 

Entered "A message" in the "Message" field.

Pressed "Start". Packets started showing up with "if1|0009A message|True" in
the payload.

Changed the "Message" field to "A message test" and applied. Packets started
showing up with "if1|000EA message test|True" in the payload.

Unchecked and checked "Verify". "Verify changed" showed up each time in the
status bar.

Clicked "Turn on". A dialog popped up with the message "Turn action finished."

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