--- Comment #9 from Xiaochuan Sun <> ---
   You are right. I changed f1ap.cnf according to xxx.asn file, the UL RRC
message transfer message can be decoded correctly. 
   The below command is wrriten in the header of packet-f1ap.c file. It can
generate new packet-f1ap.c file. Hope we don't need to change xxx.cnf file
manually one day.
   " -p f1ap -c ./f1ap.cnf -s ./packet-f1ap-template -D . -O ../..
F1AP-CommonDataTypes.asn F1AP-Constants.asn F1AP-Containers.asn F1AP-IEs.asn
F1AP-PDU-Contents.asn F1AP-PDU-Descriptions.asn"

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