Submitter: Roland Knall (rkn...@gmail.com)
Changed: branch: master
Repository: wireshark


f789736 by Michael Mann (mman...@netscape.net):

    Qt: Handle UAT editor dialogs explicitly.
    QAbstractItemView assumes that editors are widgets, not windows.
    QAbstractItemView::edit calls QAbstractItemViewPrivate::openEditor,
    which simply calls show() and setFocus() on the editor widget. If that
    widget happens to be a native dialog, its event loop might not be
    processed. This is the case on macOS at least.
    Create widgets derived from QLineEdit that edit the value directly along
    with a button that can open the associated modal dialog. Install event
    filters so that we keep the correct tab behavior between fields of the
    Bug: 13958
    Ping-Bug: 14031
    Bug: 7761
    Change-Id: Ie5f0a5cbde33bb9add8217029c2063a0bbfd804a
    Reviewed-on: https://code.wireshark.org/review/23015
    Reviewed-by: Gerald Combs <ger...@wireshark.org>
    Petri-Dish: Gerald Combs <ger...@wireshark.org>
    Tested-by: Petri Dish Buildbot
    Reviewed-by: Roland Knall <rkn...@gmail.com>

Actions performed:

    from  9a5217b   Fix another leak, which happens with -E occurrence=l.
    adds  f789736   Qt: Handle UAT editor dialogs explicitly.

Summary of changes:
 ui/qt/models/uat_delegate.cpp         | 62 ++++-------------------
 ui/qt/models/uat_delegate.h           |  4 --
 ui/qt/widgets/editor_color_dialog.cpp | 59 +++++++++++++++++++---
 ui/qt/widgets/editor_color_dialog.h   | 18 +++++--
 ui/qt/widgets/editor_file_dialog.cpp  | 94 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---
 ui/qt/widgets/editor_file_dialog.h    | 26 ++++++++--
 6 files changed, 181 insertions(+), 82 deletions(-)
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