2016-09-21 12:14 GMT+03:00 Paul Offord <paul.off...@advance7.com>:

> Thanks Graham – that’s a great point and I’ll take a look this evening
> with a Release build.

Paul, if you are familiar with Linux, I may recommend you to use callgrind
tool from the valgrind toolset for this purpose. Its reports can be viewed
with KCachegrind and they are very informative. The only disadvantage is
that is slows down execution by the factor of 8-10 since it virtualizes
execution of all process'es instructions to estimate accurate number of
machine cycles needed for execution and to build a good callgraph. The
advantage is that report is not a statistic based on many snapshots of
process state but is an accurate estimation of virtually any single
function call with a perfect estimation of time taken by the function body
and of time taken by all its callees. Also you can use it on a release
build without any modification.

With best regards
  Max Dmitrichenko
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