I was looking through the Wireshark manufacturer database manuf
file and noticed that three of the vendor names were more than 8 characters

00:07:99    TippingPoint    TippingPoint Technologies, Inc.
00:10:00    CableLabs
44:45:53    Microsoft

I assume that that these should be truncated to 8 characters like every
other entry.

I see another instance of CableLabs which is abbreviated as "Cablelab", and
the other instances of Microsoft are abbreviated as "Microsof", so I'm
guessing that's the correct name for those.

70:B3:D5:BD:10:00/36    Cablelab    CableLabs
00:03:FF                Microsof    Microsoft Corporation
00:0D:3A                Microsof    Microsoft Corp.
00:50:C2:00:30:00/36    Microsof    Microsoft
30:0D:43                Microsof    Microsoft Mobile Oy
30:59:B7                Microsof    Microsoft
DC:B4:C4                Microsof    Microsoft XCG
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