On 19 February 2018 at 14:04, Dario Lombardo <dario.lombardo...@gmail.com>

> That's what I needed. I was close to it, but I didn't get the right
> starting point for regenerating.
> What's missing IMHO is a cmake target for that. Maybe I will take some
> time to add one (many, actually).
> Thanks Darien.
There is a target for asn1, that's why an asn1.vcxproj file is generated on
windows, and presumably something similar for the generator of choice on
other platforms.

However, the asn1 target, and for that matter the other generated
dissectors, dcerpc and pidl, are excluded from the top-level build because
they are added with the EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL property.

See https://cmake.org/cmake/help/v3.10/prop_dir/EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL.html and

> On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 2:41 PM, Darien Spencer <cusn...@mail.com> wrote:
>> Hi
>> I've done this several times and the way I do it is:
>> 1. Look for the final dissector file, should be under
>> epan/dissector/packet-xxx.c (in this case packet-snmp.c)
>> 2. Copy the build command for asn2wrs as seen in the 4th line. In this
>> case it looks like this:
>> asn2wrs.py -b -p snmp -c ./snmp.cnf -s ./packet-snmp-template -D . -O
>> ../.. snmp.asn
>> 3. Open the command prompt in your dissector's asn1 folder
>> (/epan/dissector/asn1/snmp/)
>> 4. Run asn2wrs.py using it's full path. In my case it's
>> "C:\Development\wireshark\tools\asn2wrs.py" and add the parameters you
>> saw in the generated file
>> so it should look line this:
>> C:\Development\wireshark\tools\asn2wrs.py -b -p snmp -c ./snmp.cnf -s
>> ./packet-snmp-template -D . -O ../.. snmp.asn
>> This should create the new packet-snmp.c and .h files under
>> epan/dissectors/ and override the existing ones
>> Darien
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>> *Subject:* [Wireshark-dev] Regenerate asn dissector
>> Hi
>> I've modified epan/dissectors/asn1/snmp/packet-snmp-template.c and I
>> want to regenerate the corresponding dissector.
>> I've found the cmake target 
>> epan/dissectors/asn1/snmp/generate_dissector-snmp,
>> but building it doesn't regenerate the dissector.
>> What's the missing step?
>> Thanks.
>> Dario.

Graham Bloice
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