I'm trying to submit some edits to the WSDG. I'm testing them against the
HTML version.

If I change on of the source asciidocs and execute:

C:\development\wsbuild64>*msbuild docbook\developer_guide_html.vcxproj*

Only developer-guide.xml gets rebuilt.

If I make another change to the same file and run:

C:\development\wsbuild64>*msbuild docbook\all_guides.vcxproj*

Then the following files get rebuilt:


It also takes quite a while longer.

I have to use /t:rebuild to get it to actually rebuild the chunked html
files, which are the ones I'm accustomed to looking at.

I'm still learning Cmake, msbuild, and vcxproj files, but this seems like a
bug. Would entering a bug be appropriate?

Craig Jackson
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