Den sön 15 apr. 2018 23:05Dario Lombardo <>

> Ok, I got the point. I always built the rpm from a build dir under the
> source dir.
> With your approach, the rpm-package target fails because of the lack of a
> parent git directory. It expects to retrieve the current version using 'git
> describe', and it can't because it has no clue on where the sources are.
> However I found a solution that leverages the fact that the export archive
> ships with the version number. This problem is not strictly openSUSE
> related, but shared across all platforms. It didn't pop up before because
> the common (suggested) approach is to have a build dir under the sources.

I followed the way I do it on Windows, which I think is the recommended way
there :-)

I'm pushing a new change that should solve your last issue, and you should
> be able to build the rpm again. Let me know.
> Dario.
> On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 4:35 PM, Anders Broman <>
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have the git repo in /home/ericsson/wireshark/
>> And build in
>> /home/ericsson/build/
>> In the Build dir I run the cmake command with... /wireshark
>> And then make rpm-package
>> Regards
>> Anders
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