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as a new registered Wiki user, I cannot add text to the CaptureSetup/USB
wiki page. The page is protected against editing by normal users.


So I hope this is the right place to suggest two additions to that page.
It would be very helpful to have these added, since when I looked for
similar information, I didn't find a MITM hardware solution, but almost
every advice was to sniff USB traffic on the OS itself or using a
virtual machine. Both cannot be done when the USB host cannot be
accessed, e.g. a PS4.

The following two diy-hardware devices can be inserted on a cable
between a USB device and a USB host - and they are much cheaper than
commercial products I found.

I tested SerialUSB and it works fine with Wireshark. I didn't try
USBProxy due to lack of a BB.


USB traffic MITM with Linux

If you can't intercept USB traffic on the host, e.g. a game console,
there are projects that facilitate building a simple MITM sniffing device.

SerialUSB by Mathieu Laurendeau


is designed to intercept USB HID traffic. Originally made for the GIMX
project, which aims to convert PC game controller USB messages for the
PS4. You will need a Linux computer to capture the HID messages and an
Arduino-based USB dongle. Parts are cheap. If you don't like soldering,
some enthusiasts sell ready-made "GIMX USB adapters" on eBay and elsewhere.

USBProxy by Dominic Spill


intercepts USB traffic with a Beaglebone Black, which is
reconfigured to act as a USB gadget emulating the device connected
to the 2nd USB port. According to the documentation, it allows sniffing
non-HID traffic, as well.
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