On 5/17/18 5:42 AM, Peter Wu wrote:>
> - Wireshark.pdb was built in "compiled with MSBuild"
> - The PDB is zipped with "built .PDB zip".
> - In "prepared NSIS package", "qtui" is somehow rebuilt which also
>   causes Wireshark.pdb to be updated. see:
> https://buildbot.wireshark.org/wireshark-2.6/builders/Windows%20Server%202016%20x64/builds/138/steps/compile_3/logs/stdio
> Not sure if this is the intended behavior. Gerald, should "built .PDB
> zip" be moved after these targets, before "verified signatures"?

It looks like qrc_i18n.cpp is triggering a rebuild in the NSIS package prep 
step. I can't duplicate it on my local VM here, unfortunately. I'll move the 
PDB .zip step after the packaging steps, which should fix the immediate problem.
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