Hi list,

Working on a Debian testing system, the packagers have come so far as to 
package the recent update to Asciidoctor. This allows to generate the Wireshark 
documentation (WSUG/WSDG) with the proper layout. One stage is PDF generation, 
which requires an additional backend, being asciidoctor-pdf. This, not being in 
the Debian repository, is to be installed though gem, which works perfectly 

Still, for this to work with the Wireshark documentation generation (PDF 
versions of it) there needs to be an additional option to the asciidoctor 
command line, otherwise it will not be aware of the PDF backend and fail. The 
addition is to the cmake/modules/FindAsciidoctor.cmake file, to the macro 
ASCIIDOCTOR2PDF. In there the parameter ‘--require asciidoctor-pdf’ needs to be 

Before pushing a change, I wanted to confirm that this additional parameter 
would not interfere with other doc build setups. Can you ‘Asciidoctor-J’ people 
out there confirm?

--- /tmp/5T9mK4_FindAsciidoctor.cmake
+++ src/wireshark/wsug_mate/cmake/modules/FindAsciidoctor.cmake
@@ -127,6 +127,7 @@
             COMMAND ${_asciidoctor_common_command}
                 --backend pdf
+                --require asciidoctor-pdf
                 --out-file ${_output_pdf}


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