I'm working on a protocol dissector where I'm using packet reassembly.
Now I've got a capture with 1026 fragments, which fails to reassemble
with the standard Wireshark (assert fails) due to the limitation to 500
fragments in epan/packet.c:

For testing I just increased the limit up to 2000. With the change the
reassembly takes some time when I select the last fragment where it's
reassembled (about 15 seconds on a rather old 32 bit windows machine,
but there are also hundreds of zlib blocks which are decompressed in the
dissector). Other that it takes some time and memory, I didn't notice
any problems.

Is there any reason why it's limited to exactly 500?
Would it be possible to make this limit configurable in the Wireshark
settings dialog?

Best Regards

Thomas Wiens
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