the tcpdump which comes with the system from apple does work if you specify the interface. (-i eth1)
if you dont, you hit a problem.

The wireshark installation I did ( page7.php) was compiled with a newer version of libpcap and tcpdump which dont have this problem anymore unless you monitor the wtl interface. Wireshark works with this fine if you do "Capture- >Options" but not if you do "Capture->interfaces". The reason for this is that wireshark opens all interfaces to show the current "traffic". This includes the monitoring pseudo interface wtl which puts the WLAN offline to do monitoring.

On 20.01.2007, at 18:37, Todd Wease wrote:

Andreas Fink <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

This is a known bug. Shout at Apple about it. I opened a bug report
about it long ago but Apple doesnt seem to care to fix it so far. And
of course they leave you in the dark. You can reproduce the same
problem with tcpdump which comes with MacOS X. So its not wireshark
being at fault.

tcpdump works fine for me on Intel MacBook. DarwinPorts Wireshark not so fine.

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