Hey Daniel,

2010/1/29 Koen Deforche <k...@emweb.be>:
> Hey Daniel,
> 2010/1/28 Ginsburg, Daniel <daniel.ginsb...@childrens.harvard.edu>:
>> I am trying to integrate Qt into my Wt application.  I got the wtwithqt 
>> example to build and run no problem and I integrated the libwtwithqt.a into 
>> my project.  I changed my application to inherit WQApplication and attempted 
>> to create a simple QtObject (like the one in the sample) in the virtual 
>> MyApplication::create() method.  The problem I am having is that I am 
>> getting an exception:
>> [2010-Jan-28 14:41:11.606307] 22371 [/ PmOcWEt6qjPLXZVP] [error] "Exception 
>> while streaming resourceboost::lock_error"
> It seems that it may have to do with using a WResource, and I can see
> what might be a small problem in that case because of the thread
> switching magic going on in the background. To be investigated !

I found the problem, and pushed a fix to public git. The following is
a patch which you could also apply on 3.1.0.


diff --git a/src/Wt/WResource.C b/src/Wt/WResource.C
index c960b25..df8876e 100644
--- a/src/Wt/WResource.C
+++ b/src/Wt/WResource.C
@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ void WResource::handle(WebRequest *webRequest,
WebResponse *webResponse,
   // lock
   if (!continuation) {
     WebSession::Handler *h = WebSession::Handler::instance();
-    if (h)
+    if (h && h->lock().owns_lock())
 #endif // WT_THREADED

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