I'm having issues adding SSL support to my Wt site. My certificate works
fine under Apache though (tested on another PHP site with same domain). Is
it possible to make the Wt application non-SSL, and delegates the
certificates management to Apache?

Browser <--- (HTTPS) ---> Apache 2.4.7 (Reverse proxy)
                                                     |         (HTTP)

 ------------------------------>  Wt Application (3.3.4)

A sample configuration please? I've never configured a reverse proxy.

My Apache server uses a multidomain Let's Encrypt certificate with about
fifteen domains, so, we have just one certificate for all of my name-based
VirtualHosts. I want Apache is the HTTPS front-end for my local Wt
Application, running under port 11000, and the communication between Apache
and Wt being HTTP.
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