I have developed a little class to manage the google recatpcha
verification. In some places, to solve a recaptcha challenge is mandatory
(like send a contact form), but in order places, I want to show that
recaptcha only when necessary.

So, my idea is calculate the frecuency of "request" made on a session to
determine if the user is human or not. It's worthy to consider the
possibility a human being solves a recaptcha, and then, insert javascript
code to do automatic tasks (without interfering with allowed web spiders of
course, but that it's a problem of mine).

So, depending on the situation, I want to show a popup window to solve a
recaptcha if the actitivy is suspictious.

Is there a way to "count" the number of requests arriving to a session
process (dedicated process mode in wthttpd)?

For example, a virtual function I can override in a derived class to
measure frequency? Or any other way?

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