I used to expect the IIS MMC to be the authoritative way of configuring things 
as well.  The more questions I asked the less clear it became exactly how 
authoritative the MMC really is.  The current restriction came from David Wang 
(http://blogs.msdn.com/david.wang/default.aspx) when he mentioned that creating 
a web application on a web directory is not really supported.  David knows far 
more about IIS than I do (being on the IIS team and all) so I took that as 

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We recently encountered this problem as well.  There is an old message (here: 
 ) about it.  From the IIS MMC, you can make any directory a web application.  
In the metabsae, it creates any IISConfigObject elements for the directories 
above and then the web directory elements are created with the relevent app 
names in them.  Does anybody have any information about why the IIS team at 
Microsoft says this isn't supported?  It seems odd that you can do this in the 
IIS MMC, but not in WiX.

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