Thanks you!  I was confused by the fact that I was only getting errors with
German, Spanish and Dutch because I thought those translations were
complete.  By adding these missing <String> items to my own 1031.wxl file I
was able to build an MSI.  

The February 15, 2008 version of the WiX source requires these additions for
a WixUI_InstallDir build (true for Spanish and Dutch as well):

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<WixLocalization xmlns="";
Codepage="1252" Culture="de-DE">
    <String Id="InvalidDirDlg_Title" Overridable="yes">[ProductName]
    <String Id="InvalidDirDlgIcon" Overridable="yes">WixUI_Ico_Info</String>
    <String Id="InvalidDirDlgIconTooltip" Overridable="yes">Information
    <String Id="InvalidDirDlgText" Overridable="yes">Installation directory
must be on a local hard drive.</String>
    <String Id="MaintenanceTypeDlgRemoveDisabledText"
Overridable="yes">[ProductName] kann nicht entfernt werden.</String>
        <String Id="MaintenanceTypeDlgRepairDisabledText"
Overridable="yes">[ProductName] kann nicht repariert werden.</String>
        <String Id="UITextNewFolder" Overridable="yes">Ordner|Neuer 

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