On Sat, 18 Mar 2017 at 16:30:45 -0400, Doug Torrance wrote:
> The default values for all of the various Window Maker configuration options
> are given in src/defaults.c.  Many are also given in
> WindowMaker/Defaults/WindowMaker.
> In many cases, these default options do not agree.  For example,
> src/defaults.c gives the default value of OpaqueMove as NO, but
> W/D/WindowMaker has it as YES.  There also some options in W/D/WindowMaker
> which have no longer exist, e.g., PopupSwitchMenu.
> It is apparent that it is difficult to maintain these defaults in both
> locations.

This patch makes me a bit nervous. I like to simplify things but
in this case you are touching a potentially sensitive area for
many users.

Can we be sure that there no one is relying in the defaults from

It will not surprise me if a few years down the road some random
user will complain about the defaults changing.

> Also, a global W/D/WindowMaker file is only necessary for system
> administrators or distribution package maintainers who would like to
> change the default values for all of their users.

And how the administrators will know how the file should look like?

> The only advantage I see to having a W/D/WindowMaker in the source tree is to
> serve as an example.

That is very important!

> But there are other sources of documentation, e.g.:
> http://windowmaker.org/chap4.php

We cannot expect a random administrator in some random distro
to know the location of this documentation.

> We still need this file to exist, otherwise an error dialog appears.
> I propose that we instead ship a very minimal W/D/WindowMaker and keep the
> default config values in one location: src/defaults.c.

Having a file with an empty content is an indication that this
might be a bad idea.

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