Wow. That was pretty epic.

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>Sent: Oct 13, 2016 5:29 PM
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>Subject: [Trump] Please, NY Daily News, update and run that "Drop Dead" 
>Regarding today's shoutfest between The Donald and The NYT
>As the NY Daily News might say: NY Times to Trump: Drop Dead [a]
Y>Then again, as Admiral Ackbar might say: They've fallen into a trap! [b]
>Donald Trump Threatens to Sue The Times Over Article on Unwanted Advances
>   ===
>NYT response:
>[image of letter that basically says Fuck Off and Die]
>   -----
>Good writeup by Politico [c]:
>     =======
>[a] famous NY Daily News headline when Predident Ford [R]
>told NYC he wasn't going to hand it gazillions of federal
>dollars to clean up its financial mess: "Ford to City: Drop Dead"
>[b] Military leader of the Rebel Alliance against, what
>they thought was, the not yet completed Death Star.
>[c] I can't find a similar writeup by the NYT itself
>Knowledge may be power, but communications is the key
>[to foil spammers, my address has been double rot-13 encoded]

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