Hey guys! :)

Before I start I just wanted to say "hi" to all of you - I've recently
translated WordPress into Polish and I plan to keep on doing so for at
the next few releases. :)

I wanted to point out the fact that nouns in Polish have variants - it
depends on the context you use them in. While I can make most of the
strings fit the context and retain proper Polish syntax there's a
problem with month names. Let me show you an example:

"January" is "Styczeń" in Polish and that's all OK for the calendar
widget's header,
but when it comes to "View posts for January 2008" it'd have to be
"Zobacz wpisy opublikowane w *styczniu* 2008", same with "19 *stycznia*
instead of "19 Styczeń 2008"
(and unfortunately it's rather impossible to make a good looking
workaround for all of them). It'd also be nice if translators could do
the same

I guess the dates are fetched from PHP's date() so implementing such a
feature would require
some planning. It's not a serious issue, though the lack of it
spoils the impression a bit. :)

I'd also like to request a locale site for WordPress in Polish. Here are
the required details:

1. Subdomain: pl.wordpress.org
2. Title: Polska
3. Description: WordPress po polsku
4. Locale code: pl_PL
5. Administrators' usernames: waclawjacek

Best regards!
- Wacław Jacek

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