Nap foam
nap blat lunk drooped  )you bed(  tup
mleats rostered  ,was yr corner foam
,bladed white  ,smat choker sang un
toweled like yr boat sinking  ,strung
a glancer in the park
,shad hem  ,skung nort  ,mossed dowel
,drop hap  ,run peel  ,mitt snore
,throat reek  ,ham toilet  ,sots lens
,trunk gap  ,molt drool  ,bred soak
a pantser in the dark
could you dumping in the skiff
could you piling in the shoe
could you booming in the gland
could you chaining in the foam

John M. Bennett

Dr. John M. Bennett     
Curator, Avant Writing Collection
Rare Books & Manuscripts Library
The Ohio State University Libraries
1858 Neil Av Mall
Columbus, OH 43210 USA

(614) 292-3029

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