Thanks for sending this Alan. We're reading Daniel Pinchbeck's books right now. 
He published Michael Brownstein's
World on Fire you may remember. Which makes me think of Derrick Jensen.

This below is interesting, there are a group of amazonian stories about "little brother" 
or "lesser brother" who angers
the gods. there's something about a giant stone statue that has to stay buried. 
I can't remember now. but it makes me
feel terrible that these people, some of them, might think they are to blame 
for what's happening to them.
But there was an excellent show on one of the Satellite Eco/Activism channels I 
don't remember if it was Link or one of
the other ones. There's like 3. Free Speech Television. Another HD one which I 
just recorded a beautiful documentary
about folktales and ecology in Ethiopia. Jak-something.. The show was on the 
Amazonian Games. Tribes from all over
the Amazon have been gathering in various Brazilian venues for the last 6 or 7 
years to hold these games. It's amazing
and very sad, but the Indians are trying to get savvy. One scene one team goes 
to a Portugese monument and takes
pics to show people where the white people landed. Charles C. Mann's 1491 is 
also an amazing reference. anyway
thanks for sending this out.


Also, according to a legend from the putumayo (oral tradition passed down for centuries = unwritten history) - the reason that the Europeans came to the Americas was because the indigenous people of the Americas broke the laws of nature and therefore opened the doorway that permitted the discovery and further corruption of the Americas by the Europeans. (According to this indigenous people remained in the "garden of eden" longer then us westerners - but today have also lost harmony with nature).

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