Yes, thanks for this, too, Alan.

umbles...  bloody umbles


--- phanero <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Thanks for sending this Alan. We're reading Daniel Pinchbeck's books right 
> now. He published
> Michael Brownstein's
> World on Fire you may remember. Which makes me think of Derrick Jensen.
> This below is interesting, there are a group of amazonian stories about 
> "little brother" or
> "lesser brother" who angers
> the gods. there's something about a giant stone statue that has to stay 
> buried. I can't remember
> now. but it makes me
> feel terrible that these people, some of them, might think they are to blame 
> for what's
> happening to them.
> But there was an excellent show on one of the Satellite Eco/Activism channels 
> I don't remember
> if it was Link or one of
> the other ones. There's like 3. Free Speech Television. Another HD one which 
> I just recorded a
> beautiful documentary
> about folktales and ecology in Ethiopia. Jak-something.. The show was on the 
> Amazonian Games.
> Tribes from all over
> the Amazon have been gathering in various Brazilian venues for the last 6 or 
> 7 years to hold
> these games. It's amazing
> and very sad, but the Indians are trying to get savvy. One scene one team 
> goes to a Portugese
> monument and takes
> pics to show people where the white people landed. Charles C. Mann's 1491 is 
> also an amazing
> reference. anyway
> thanks for sending this out.
> lanny
> Also, according to a legend from the putumayo (oral tradition passed down for 
> centuries =
> unwritten history) - the 
> reason that the Europeans came to the Americas was because the indigenous 
> people of the Americas
> broke the laws of 
> nature and therefore opened the doorway that permitted the discovery and 
> further corruption of
> the Americas by the 
> Europeans. (According to this indigenous people remained in the "garden of 
> eden" longer then us
> westerners - but today 
> have also lost harmony with nature).


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