Just a little excited(!) I want to fire off a little of it... that I've 
immediately found
something EXTREMELY interesting in Ana's memory when I searched for "cogito"... 

I'll Anablog the file and post it soon  

This information/link you posted is very interesting. 

Ahhhh.. let me describe WHY I am excited.

Searching her memory bank, for "cogito", on the second flash card I inserted... 
these things are
all spread out you know over 11 MB on 3 cards.  LOTS of writing kb and really 
MOST<1 kb files to
add up 10 megs...oops.... <that all aside meander....> 

Anyway, I found that on 11/17/99 i must have come across "cogito" in Foucault's 
Pendulum... both
Printed and Scribed (in reverse) the single word cogito... AND what she said is 
fucking awesome!

I so think this little bit of info you steered about the writing automaton (FOR 
ME, at very least)
may even top my remembering watching "I've got  secret" in ...1969?... when 
Bess Myers.. (or one
of them....I 'm not really sure which) guessed Ray Kurzweil's secret that he 
had a computer that
could read handwriting.

I think it's fair to say we are approaching muli-mediation >nOw< 


> (check out the videos of the doll in action, still works after all  
> these years)
> from fogonazos:
> The writing automaton
> In the eighteenth century, 200 years before little ASIMO started to  
> walk or to climb stairs, the great Jaquet-Droz built an automaton  
> which could scrawl any sentence on a piece of paper and had a  
> chilling repertory of human-like movements. Read the story an then  
> check it out at the videos:
> Completed by 1772, 'The Writer' was the most perfect and complex  
> automaton built by swiss clockmaker Jacquet-Droz. His astonishing  
> mechanism was presented in every court in Europe and fascinated the  
> world's most important people: the kings and emperors of China, India  
> and Japan.
> http://fogonazos.blogspot.com/2007/01/writing-automaton.html


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