nameless snowballs arc
in stalingrad
the poachers in early sturgeon
police or principle of high school

we had routes well planned
a fine target might skid
coordinated mischief never misses
chiefly upon the routes

some worn out welcomes
some personal favorites
stories they don't like
or know or both of us in snow

like the glow of folk golems
set upon fire hydrants
fire and ice and kohl for eyes
some priapsim boll'd or torn away

lost arms
lost legs
lost lives
all the time in the world to tie
up loose ends
or for meeting with fate's proud ignoble decibel

through all of it
some kind of map
a hand-print, a spiral, a wiggly line
pointing to a star
the afterwards written in the hushing
of a straw in a plastic lid
a repair yard for cranes and winches

motoricity's organic motive
all the free pens sealed tight in mason jars
the wild fullness never known to clockwork
as ever faithful to the endless gesturing
black heaps murmur through the frost

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