That was the abridged version. A more extensive list of check points would

1. Quality of code 
- Valid HTML?
- Valid CSS?
- Semantically correct code?

2. Degree of separation between content and presentation
- Full CSS?
- Decorative images in css?

3. Accessibility for users
- Scalable Content?
- Visible skip menus?
- Accessible forms?
- Accessible tables?
- Sufficient colour brightness/contrasts?
- Colour alone used for critical info?
- Responsiveness for dropdown menus?
- Descriptive links for blind users?
(many others can be added here)

4. Accessibility for devices
- Test across range of modern and older browsers
- Without CSS?
- Without images?
- Without Javascript?
- Text browser such as Lynx?
- Print preview?
- Hand Held devices
- Detailed metadata?

5. Usability (probably the most important and may be outside the scope of
this list)
- Easy to understand navigation?
- Consistent navigation through site?
- Consistent language?
(heaps of others could be added here, such as Neilson's ten basic

Would be good for the group to add/edit this list so that we could have a
solid checklist - "WSG's things to check during development".


> Five excellent testing essentials.  Thanks Russ.
> Luke Moulton

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