I agree completely James. Targetting browsers is an inefficient waste of
time in about 95% of cases. AFAIK its a big step backwards.

Having said that its hard to draw a line. We often find ourselves doing
things like

<div class"outer"><div class="inner">

...and hiding some stuff inside @import to work around browser issues. In my
opinion this is ok because its not really breaking the semantics or relying
on a flaw in a particular browser. This like the Tantek's box model hack,
midpass & browser sniffing are a bad idea they can potentially impact badly
on the shelf life of your site. New browser versions & patches can mean
recoding which, as James points out, is NOT the direction we want to be
heading in.

One big exception to this is browser sniffing to decide on whether you want
to dish up Flash content or not (ala James Ellis -
http://www.sitepoint.com/article/1116). My only concern with this is that if
you are that interested in making your content accessible - why use flash in
the first place? But if you have to use flash this browser sniffing is the
lesser of two evils.



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