Hi All,

I am a new member and this is my first post.

Miles I came across your problem a while back while
upgrading my work site, trying everything I was about
to give up when Sitepoint.com published an article
from Kevin Yank that explained exactly how to open
documents in a new window. And it's standards
compliant as well!

View the article at


 --- Miles Tillinger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
wrote: > 
> Just a question about how other developers handle
> opening documents e.g. PDF, DOC, in a new window.
> At the moment I am using _blank targets.
> Scenario 1: User is using IE with Word configured to
> open inside the IE window.  When the user clicks on
> a link to the Word doc a new IE window opens and the
> doc is loaded in that window.
> Scenario 2: User is using IE or another browser, but
> is configured to open Word doc's in Word, not in the
> Browser window.  When the user clicks on a link to
> the Word doc a new Browser window open and the user
> either prompted to Save or Open the doc, or may even
> open the doc in Word automatically if the user has
> previously selected that option.  The problem here
> is that the user is left with a blank Browser
> window.
> So Scenario 1 is how I'd like it to behave in every
> case, but is this possible?  Since I have no way of
> knowing how the user has their system configured I
> don't know whether to offer the link with a _blank
> target or not?  Is there an accessible standard way
> of doing it?
> Regards,
> Miles
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