Title: Browser Engine Standard???

Will there ever be such a thing as a Standard Browser Engine/Parser or what ever you want to call it?

12 years ago when I first started web design I was already sick of the differences between how browsers display and handle things, back then I figured that after some time (12 years maybe) everybody would get their act together and at least use a default engine/parser for every browser..

Whats the deal? Is anybody working on this, will it ever happen?

Why do so many designers still use and code for browsers that are not within the top highest browser market share?
Isn't it time to say, "we now know what the users use" (even though we don't agree with what they use) and completely forget about the rest?

If we all would do this and set our pride aside, I reckon we might have that dream we have come true!

Or am I just babbling away again, and talk about things I have no clue about??

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