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The point is that we are working towards standards that the browsers can
implement and not a standard engine.

Take for example the hypothetical situation where mozilla dissappeared and
the only browser you had to code for was IE.  You would still be tearing
your hair our because the behaviour of IE has changed quite dramatically
between IE 5, 5.5 and 6, and that's ignoring IE for mac which is a whole
different kettle of fish.

Now if IE supported standards and things like transparent PNG's then we
would all have a much easier job.

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Unfortunately, while we do vaguely know what *most* of the
users use right now, we don't know at any point, for any
particular site, what those *specific* users are browsing with,
and what they will be browsing with in the future.

Is it really still vague?
If we keep thinking like this, will we ever get a standard?

I realize years ago, it was crazy to say, "hey I will only code for Browser
X", because there was such a variety used out there. But lately it has been
quite obvious what the USERS are using (and once again let me stress out
that that does not mean I agree with what they are using) the two browsers
at the top are Internet Explorer and Mozilla, with Internet Explorer
Cool, time to say bye bye to EVERY other browser that is not within this
range, i.e. the ones that only have a share of 5% or less percent. Let the
top two battle it out, i.e. let's see who the users will choose in the next
two years, after that, bye bye number 2. One browser left, and we can all
code for one browser (or engine/parser if they wised up and used the same
backend but different front-end) and we can all finally start using those
fancy features that we have stayed away from because they don't work in
every browser.

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