> I'm not sure why the browser wars were so damn
> violent

Two words........

"Market Share"

The big companies realised, once the Internet started becoming popular
outside of Universities and large organisations, that the Browser was the
perfect conduit into people's homes (far moreso even than Television).

TV is a very passive medium.  As such, it is much harder to gain peoples
attention and concentration.  Most of us actually don't really concentrate
on what is happening on the TV even when we are sitting in front of it.
Even so, TV had a huge impact on marketting products to people.  Part of
the appeal was from the psychology of subliminal influence.

The web, however, is very different.  The person surfing is generally
engaged in the process 100%.  And psychology has come along again to tell
us that when people are very focussed on something that subliminal
messages can be even more effective.


THAT's why Browser manufacturers want to be THE one on your desktop and
why the Browser Wars still are in full swing.  Because if they can
dominate the marketplace then THEY are the ones in control of how you are
influenced (maybe) and can then charge other people (who want to influence
you) lots of money to use the "conduit".

This is why the browser technologies are "free".  Because you will end up
paying for them in the products that you buy.

Personally, I think this is a load of fetted dingoes kidneys (TM Douglas
Addams, HHGTTG).  And the Marketting arm of the Sirius Cybernetics
Corporation are just a bunch of mindless jerks who will be the first
against the wall when the revolution comes!

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