Anyway what I am talking about includes all the little things that give a
site real "polish", things like:
  - guessable/memorable URLs,
- site structure (logical connection of content),
- use of hyperlinks in the text,
- googlability or search engine friendliness
- tabbing between elements
- font & colour use (beyond just % based fonts)
- using http status properly*
- lots of other stuff

I think "Information Architecture" is a term that could cover a lot of those

Standards play a part in this domain (particularly if you get into metadata,
classification systems, thesauri, etc). Things like RDF, perhaps RSS, Dublin

Still, I feel that IA is largely part of the design process, rather than an
aspect of  "web standards" - more a part of "web design practices". Still,
highly relevant! :)

Incidentally if you're looking for a good classification system to use on
the web (or with computers in general), dewey decimal works really well.
It's number based so fast for computers to process, and the way it works
allows you to do narrow/widen searching really easily by
decreasing/increasing the number range searched.


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