With all the OT posts lately - I don't feel as guilty posting this : )
I have always wanted to be able to make my bookmarks available. From anywhere. 
Everywhere. Home, work, cafe's, mate's houses - even the in-laws. Maybe even my dingy 
I always envisioned it being a plugin that worked in three modes:

1. Use the plugin as a sidebar/dropdown etc within the browser app to display my links 
(good for public spots)
2. Use the plugin to add a subfolder to the browsers bookmarks and import them (good 
for frequently visited friends houses)
3. Use the plugin to trump my local bookmarks and refresh/update them (for everything 
under my control [que evil laugh])

The plugin would have to have a spot on the net it could publish the bookmark file too 
and of course read it back to a local cache. The bookmark file would have "META" data 
(probably a badly mixed term) that could hold last visited details, my notes, etc. 
This file would be valid XML (of course), prime for add-on 
link-swapping_blog-publishing_P2P-bashing goodness.
The remote file would only be updated when a bookmark was added, or an option to save 
the bookmarks was used so as to keep the 'net chater down. Its transactions would be 
regular HTTP methods (form posts/gets etc.), nothing that could be gazumped by your 
friendly Hitler Youth run IT Dept and 3rd reich filtering firewalls.
I would like to see it for firebird, though it would be better if it ran cross browser 
- so I could use it on whomever's PC I'm at. It would also mean that you could update 
your bookmarks between browsers breeds easy as pie.
Imagine your treasured favelets available at your beck and call - at your grandmothers 
Nothing worse for me knowing that I bookmarked an answer for a doosie problem in my 
browser at work, while I'm stuck at home with just that very doosie. With google 
changing it's spots - who's to say I'll ever google the answer back?
One downer might be that the ctrl-d and equivilent bookmark shortcuts might not work, 
but only a small worry - right? Another would be the remote storage spot. It would 
have to be able to do the processing of the bookmark file. I see two options - a 
hosted space with a user name and login, and secondly - a page you throw on your own 
server that you configure the bookmark plugin to use. 
An add-on for MT and other blogging apps would propogate quickly too (I reckon). Point 
your bookmark plugin to your Blogging add-on and update your blog rolls and favourites 
while you keep your local browser up to date.
A ubiquitous bookmark. Neat huh? Would you use it? What would you add?
PS - If anyone has an inkling of how to start such a development project - I'd love to 
hear from you.
PPS - If you think it's a good idea - then it's my copyright - ok? ; )
PPS - Yep - I run off at the mouth - but I luuurve this idea.


From: Ben Boyle [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sent: Fri 12/12/03 5:29 PM
Subject: [WSG] do people still use bookmarks?

do people still use bookmarks?

For myself, only rarely. I recently read a post on a search engine list
(I-Search, very good if you're looking for something on the topic) where it
was suggested that people do not bookmark/remember URLs as often these days
because it's so straightforward to just go to google and type it in.

I'd never thought about it really, but realise now I'm guilty of this
behaviour... trying to track down places I remember through the search
rather than bookmarking at the time I visit.

Thought it was worth a mention. I still think it's nice to have a URL that
can sort of be read ... nothing like session strings in the address bar to
make you feel you really are dealing with the inhuman face of a company! :)

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