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On 12 Dec 2003, at 07:17, Gary Menzel wrote:

Agree that you need to own the directory structure. The directory
structure for a site should make sense to the owner of the information. It
may make no sense at all to a user of the information.

Mmm... You see, I agree that in terms of "ownership" the site owner rules the coop. But I think, if we were to get into a situation where, as others were saying, users try to navigate a site by guessing the directory structure, but were thwarted by our esoteric organisation, then fundamental questions need to be asked. I can't see many cases where the two issues of ownership are in conflict, and if organising a site in a way that makes sense to users doesn't cause too many problems, then why not do it?

But a well structured site, with good navigation, shouldn't matter. Remember when we all used frames (admit it - we did) so a user would only ever see the base URL in the browser bar?

I think the point I was trying to answer was that a lot of users (and I would say they are a minority in fact) use URLs to navigate a site and, as such, a logical directory structure is essential. But also, if you have a lot of contributors (even if they only contribute by saying "ok") it helps to be logical. I recently sat through a painful hour of getting a site map approved in which a key player had a fundamental problem understanding that a page on the second level of the site was actually "visible" at all times from the front page. I'm also currently tearing my hair out with a site manager who just doesn't "get" the blindingly obvious site structure I set up - he would if he'd come up with it himself and I wish I'd let him, or at least (ahem) "guided" him.
I don't think we do ourselves any favours by making things "needlessly" obscure.


(just got back from Christmas lunch so apologies if this post makes no sense whatsover!)

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