While I agree with you on Bookmarks, I feel that comments like these keep this list 
from growing and providing help to those who need it (me for one). 
I think an offlist email aimed at the offenders would have done more good, I have not 
been on this list long yet, but in the time I have been here I have hardly seen any 
traffic flow compared to other mailing lists.

And to be honest I believe it is comments like these that make everyone think twice 
before posting anything at all.
In the end they are just a few extra emails that arive in your mailbox, you don't need 
to read them, you only read the first post briefly to find out it is not what you are 
interested in, the next time you only look at the header and you ignore it.

Like I said I do agree with you, there were some posts where I thought "this is not a 
topic for this list", however it seemed there were quite a few people who were 
interested in the topic. In the end there is always something someone out there learns 
from every post.

my 2 pesetas

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I don't know about you guys, but Word Documents, Bookmarks and URI 
namespace rules takes a lot of space on this list now, and I'm 
drowning.. Could we all please be a little more brief when discussion 
thos (OT) issues, ok?


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