Ralph wrote:
> I am wondering if anyone knows how to change the defaults in browsers like
> IE.
> I recall someone showed how a user can make their default font say Arial,
> 10, etc with particular colour like black on white background. Its all
> configured in a CSS file. So it over rides the CSS style that a website
> uses.
> I'd like to do some testing of a site and trying to factor this scenario in.

Like in Gecko, in IE you can go into settings and have a user stylesheet
applied. Unlike in Gecko, to change it does not require a browser

So, as example to see what user css can do, go using the most recent
Gecko (Mozilla or Firefox daily "trunk" builds, about a month old or
newer) to http://newlifechurchofbr.org/
http://newlifechurchofbr.org/newlife.css (a site discussed on another
list today) and take a look using the defaults. Then, shut it down, and
in a file in your Gecko's chrome directory named "userContent.css"
(create as plain text if it doesn't already exist), put:

@-moz-document domain(newlifechurchofbr.org) {
body {font-size: medium !important;}
#navigation {font: small 'trebuchet ms' !important;}

When you restart, body will be medium instead of 80%, and #navigation
will be small trebuchet instead of 80% arial, verdana, sans-serif, *but
only* on that site.

Similarly, generic rules can be used to apply to all sites, both in IE
and Gecko. The result of generic rules is that some web sites will be
pretty much as the user intended via his generic user css overrides,
while many others, those using custom or combination selectors, will
look more or exactly as the author intended.

Now that you've done that, you should see that user css is really only
for people who understand css and have the time to apply it on the user
side, so few that it is really nothing any web designer needs to spend
more than two seconds pondering.
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