On Wed, 08 Dec 2004 01:21:14 +0000, Patrick H. Lauke
> Kay Smoljak wrote:
> > There's a number of different screenreaders available for testing.
> > Some are free, others have trial periods. I recently installed the
> > demo version of JAWS under Virtual PC - it will run for 40 minutes,
> > which gives you plenty of time to test a few sites.
> I'll have my usual rant here, nothing personal: the demo versions of
> screenreaders (and any other software) are made available by the
> developers so that you can evaluate the product and decide whether
> you're going to purchase the full version or not. If you keep using the
> demo version for proper testing, you're breaking the terms of the demo
> license.

I absolutely agree Patrick. I was merely responding to the previous
poster's statement that he'd never even seen a real screen reader. If
you're going to test regularly, you should definitely purchase one -
I'm still trying to decide which is the most widely used.

I believe the demo licence for JAWS has a provision for testing sites...

Kay Smoljak
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