What's in a good accessibility statement?
Where are the best accessibility statements you've come across on the web?

I'm currently writing one for the site I work on, to coincide with a
redesign that's nearing completion. I haven't found many good examples of
statements on other corporate sites.

Some background to my site: It won't validate due to technical constraints
(unreliable CMS, legacy code, third-party systems), but it's been built 'in
the spirit' of web standards (i.e semantic markup, CSS for most of the
layout, a few accessibility features etc).

The sections I have so far in my statement:
- Access keys - what are they, how to use them.
- Navigation - unordered lists which degrade well, skip to content link,
prominent search box, comprehensive sitemap
- Standard compliance - built to HTML4.01 but will not validate, semantic
markup used, WCAG compliance
- Technical requirements - javascript used but degrades without, screen rez
recomended for visual design but degrades
- A list of the devices that the site has been tested for accessibility on.

Whatdya reckon?

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