Hi Chris,

Looks pretty good to me.  Looks very good in fact.  Just one tiny niggle.
If images are turned off but style sheets are used, your footer links
are invisible, as is your title link!  I'm fairly certain this isn't a
good thing ;).  This is why the <img alt="" method is generally used,
rather than your backgroud: url() method.

Overall a good site, as long as that hiccough can be fixed.



On Mon, 31 Jan 2005 11:22:22 +1100, Chris Stratford
> Hey List,
> Just wondering what you think of my layout:
> I haven't completed much at all.
> Just the first page, and a few pages are linked up also.
> www.neester.com
> I have done a few things that I haven't seen done before...
> Well the image replacement in the footer for one, is there anything
> wrong with the method I have used?
> It validates fine everywhere.
> I gave the link a TITLE to that you can read the tooltip for more info etc.
> Also the Dates on the right side of the titles, I used a method like this:
> <dt>Title Here <em>date here</em></dt>
> so without styles, the title and date are easy to differentiate and also
> - it gives me the <em> tag to position the date :)
> What are your first thoughts?
> Thanks!!
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> ------------------------
> Chris Stratford
> http://www.neester.com
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