Joey wrote:
Is it really that difficult to create a simple 2 column layout in CSS? Im beggining to doubt CSS if this is the case. All i need is a 2
column layout with each column being 50% and when u stretch the browser each column increases (but both stay at 50%)

Here is a table version of what i am trying to acheive:

I hope some one has a solution...

Well, my old "list a table" doesn't fill the browser-window, but the method is the same no matter what it is supposed to fill. <> ... bilingual, select language on arrival.

Maybe it's a bit more than you asked for, but there's no tables
involved - just some CSS and (x)html-elements. Simplify it and use other
elements, and you can create pretty much any table look-alike you can
come up with.

My solution is flexible within a flexible column, and it will stay just
as flexible if you recreate it on its own. The code for that part is in
the page-head-- included IE/win corrections.

(Never - ever - underestimate CSS :) )


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