not sure which 1 ur talking bout but showed how to do it this week

Recreating Macromedia's Layout

Macromedia's current web site layout contains two effects that are very popular today: equal-height columns and rounded corners on columns and boxes. When these two effects are combined, it creates a slick and impressive looking web site. Although there are numerous articles out there describing how to achieve both of these effects in CSS, there is not much written about how to achieve both of them in conjunction. Surprisingly, the effect can be quite simple to achieve, as our deconstruction of Macromedia's site will reveal. We'll show you how they achieve this layout feat, then describe an alternative way to produce the rounded corner effect that is more streamlined.

if ur not a member it will cost ya a few bucks but well worth it, they have been putting on lots of this stuff lately

From: "ByteDreams" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Saturday, February 05, 2005 8:56 PM
Subject: [WSG] design of Macromedia site

A long while back I ran across an article someplace explaining how those
content boxes and the images on macromedia's website were created. I love
this style, and was looking for a similar tutorial. Anyone know?



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