Paul wrote:
This is more of a general standards question, but if you are designing a page for the public in general (in my case a university)
at what point ( % wise _or_ # of browsers) do you say 'Okay this is
the site, no more trying to accommodate obscure browsers/older versions of browsers." ?

I you want to sell something, then you may want to include any browser that helps you do just that. - You may start by including all standard-compliant browsers by default-- no matter the purpose of a site, and give older browsers what they can manage-- limited by the time you want to spend on the job. - Dead browsers are dead, thus should be excluded by default - no matter how many who still use them. Users of dead browsers are probably aware of what to expect, and we can't make their software rise from the dead anyway. - I personally couldn't care less about which browser people choose for surfing. It's their choice to make, and I never read stats.

I think that's a pretty general answer to a general question.

I know there is no stand pat answer but I would like to know what particular people use and if there is a common thinking.

I like to include any browser - even though I haven't got the slightest interest in 'selling' anything. I think any site on the web should be 'open to the public', and it doesn't hurt trying to make them so.

I often use a text-only browser, like Lynx, myself, but my preference is
the latest versions (at any time) of Opera.

Just curious,

Me too,

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