The only problems I see on you page is, that you are using redudant tabindex
tags and letters instead of numbers for you accesskeys.

About no need to worry!
That is the only tool of all I know and that I do not use.
Stick for automatic evaluations with Cynthia Says, WAVE and with some care
with Bobby.

Off topic: What are all those Meta Tags for?


John S. Britsios

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Sent: Sunday, February 06, 2005 3:09 AM
Subject: [WSG] WAI checkpoint 13.1 Help

> On my website,, I use CSS background
> images instead of the <img> tag.  So, I have hyper linked
> background-images, if that makes sense, and they have no actual link
> text.  Watchfire's WebXACT ( accessibility
> validator is giving me an error with WAI Priority 2, Checkpoint 13.1.  I
> understand why I am getting the error, but I am not sure of the best way
> to correct it, as I do not want text covering up the images.
> Any suggestions?
> = Sample Code of my link =========================
> <a href=""; title="Link Title"
> ==================================================
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