On Mon, 07 Feb 2005 10:03:30 -0330, Paul wrote:
> This is more of a general standards question, but if you are designing a
> page for the public in general (in my case a university) at what point (
> % wise _or_ # of browsers) do you say 'Okay this is the site, no more
> trying to accommodate obscure browsers/older versions of browsers." ?

I pick the set I think will work for the proposed audience, and test 
across that.
Its pretty broad, but doesnt include V4-- browsers without string data.
Once the site is live, I look at the stats, but I take the percentage 
from visits, not page views, ie I want to catch those people who leave 
at the first page because it looks awful.
Then I may re-evaluate.

A browser has to get above about 2.5% before I will consider doing 
extra work to support it, and often a lot higher than that if there is 
a small audience.

I suppose that is the reverse of your question - I decide how far I 
will go, rather than where I will stop :)

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