On Tue February 8 2005 09:22, Andrew Krespanis wrote:
> What kind of make believe web do you design for? Every day I deal with
> horribly incorrect (according to spec) rendering across all but the
> latest of browsers -- and before you respond, I can assure you the
> code in question is clean as driven snow (well, valid at least :p).
Well I suggest you name names and show examples of compliant html 4.01 that 
doesn't show 100% of the intented content and doesn't at least resemble like 
what you intented.

Remember that the most important part of your webpages are to provide content.  
If your content is worth it, people will return regardless of little design 

> Unless your '90% of browsers' refers to the browsers used by 90% of
> your traffic and not 90% of the browsers available (of which there are
> over 30 semi-common ones, to my knowledge) 
Possibly but those 30 semi common ones are almost always based on a common 
engine (like Geko, Mozilla, etc) and their quircks mode will horribly deform 
your pages thats why it's so important to set doctype and use coding that 
forces them to stick to standards compliant mode and not their quircks mode.

Your reference to worms is misplaced.  Obiviously your opinion differs from 
mine but that is no reason for insults or insinuations.


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