Without getting into the debate on the "correct" semantics of the <dl>,
I have one general problem with using it (and tables) for this case:
sequential numbering.

Placing his list in a <dl> or <table> and manually numbering them
works, but what about when a new item needs to be added to the list
somewhere in the middle? He would then need to manually renumber the
rest of the list. Not a big deal for a half-dozen items, but certainly
a pain for 100.

I'm not sure what the rational for dropping the "start= " from <ol>
was, and at first glance it seems an odd thing to do. Like others have
mention, I can see cases where it would be useful - a results list with
1,000 entry, for example, displaying 50 at a time.

Be that as it may, how can we help with this problem? My initial
thought, with out getting into crazy things like renumber the list via
javascipt, is can you number in more of an outline format? For example:

Page 1:
1. blah
2. blah
3. blah

Page 2:
1. blah
2. blah
3. blah

This gives an association of 1.1, 1.2, 1.3; 2.1, 2.2, 2.3. Seems
semantic and works around the ordered list 'limitation.'

Will this work for you? Does this work in general? Am I missing


~ Tim

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