Can I just offer an opinion here.

When thinking of semantics it sometimes helps to go back 20 years and use
pen and paper.

If you were writing a big list (numbering each item) in a small notepad you
would, on successive pages, keep the numbering going. So on the second page,
the first item may be number 11.

Putting that into a search result context, the 500 results from a search are
one list. If you are kind enough to break that into pages, the list is still
the same one so starting the list on the second page from record 11 and
numbering it that way is, in my view, correct.

Now, depending on how you do it you can only make that page only available
to someone that already saw the first page (using form method "post")
however most of us have search results that can be linked to (using method
"get" in a form or dynamically writing a link with a query string).


You'll note the text "Messages 31 to 60 of 8740" to put the list in context.

I see no problem with this. In fact if the list on the second page started
at 1 I think it would be more confusing.


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