Hey, I'm new here :-)

In response to Geoff's email,

XHTML is the web standard of the future. If we implement it now, we
are just helping move it along faster.  A friend of mine recently
created a php script that makes your XHTML into HTML for browsers that
cannot support it. You can check it out at
http://blog.geoffers.uni.cc/archives/2005/01/07/xhtml-html . It sends
application/xhtml+xml to browsers who can take it..and text/html to
browsers that cannot.

On transitional DTDs, they are meant to transitional, eh? So that you
can blend your old methods into brand new ones without using invalid
code. If you're going to use new methods only, there's no point of
using a transitional DTD. XHTML was first introduced in 2000, and
we're still "transitioning." Ugg..

Andrew Sutherland
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